Grow your business the easiest and most cost-effective way. is a unique “social gifting” site that generates additional revenue for your business specifically through birthday marketing. The site is revolutionizing birthday marketing with its online directory of businesses offering birthday promotions. If you currently have a birthday promotion or are interested in launching one, enhances its performance without adding extra workload to your business. Listing

Your business will be listed on the online directory for users to discover with a unique gift page listing the details of your offer and business.

Voucher System

The voucher system generates a unique voucher for each claim which can be printed or shown on the user's phone at the time of their party.

Mobile Application

The business application allows management to easily mark the vouchers while collecting additional data about the party and customer.

Social Media Platform

Your customers become ambassadors of your brand with the ability to share you gift for FREE with their friends and family using the social media platform.

Trackable Analytics

The business dashboard shows you how many people have viewed your business and how many people have claimed your birthday promotion.

Full Service Upgrade

As an upgrade, we offer an aggressive birthday marketing service including targeted ads, a homepage feature in your area, placement in emails, and custom promotional materials.

Our Clients

We work with hospitality, service, activity, and retail businesses. Here are some of our clients and the promotions they offer on

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We bring you more customers!

Everyone Has a Birthday

All of your customers have birthdays and no one celebrates alone. Why not give your customer something special and get their party in the door?

Women Love Gifts

75% of users are women between the ages of 25-55. THEY make awesome with their enthusiasm and spending habits!

Client Referrals Rock

7 out of 10 people sent a gift through the social media platform claim that gift, and thank the sender!

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